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Be Whole: A Trans Siddur


In this letterpress-printed and hand-bound pocket siddur, you'll find an intention-setting prayer to recite before taking a step towards gender transition and blessings for trans milestones like taking hormones or coming out. These texts draw on the rich and vibrant Jewish liturgical tradition in order to create new rituals for trans life.

The five texts in this book, printed in Hebrew, transliteration, and English translation, were originally written by Lexi Kohanski, Binya Koatz, Hannah Maya, and Rabbi Elliot Kukla for an online anthology called "Tefillat Trans," compiled by SVARA, a traditionally radical yeshiva in Chicago. With generous and enthusiastic permission from the authors and compilers, they are presented here in a deliciously ornamental chapbook, printed in deep purple ink and bound with gold and silver thread. It is dedicated to my friend and mentor Sarah Sands, who so beautifully exemplifies trans Jewish resilience and creative flourishing.

At its heart, this project is by Jewish trans people, for Jewish trans people. If that describes you and you cannot afford the price listed here, please reach out through the contact form on this website so that I can send you a copy at a sliding scale price which is accessible for you.

Edition of 50. 4.5 x 5.5", 8 pages. Opens left to right (Hebrew direction).

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