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Holy Yiddish Broadside


This broadside features my own translation of 20th century Yiddish poet Menke Katz's ode to the Yiddish language, printed with the original text using Yiddish and Hebrew type generously loaned from the Yiddish Book Center's incredible collection.

"Holy Yiddish" is written in a poetic form of Katz's invention: the triangular sonnet, which begins with a line of fifteen syllables and decreases by a syllable per line to end with two. The striking shape this pattern creates allows the original and translation to be presented not side by side or one above the other, but as mirror images of one another, fitted together like puzzle pieces.

From now until the end of the war on Gaza, the entire cost of this print and the alef-bet sample will be donated to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund.

11"x17". Hand-set in assorted Yiddish and English fonts and printed on a Vandercook cylinder press in an edition of 100.

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